Thursday, March 10, 2011

New items up in the Etsy Shoppe!

I've put up some new items in Nest Feathers Paperie. If you're like me, in times past when I needed a card for a special occasion, I am usually scrambling at the last minute and running out to the store, standing there looking forever for just the perfect one I think my friend or loved one will adore. Well, I've come up with a solution for that. Card sets. Handmade cards with attention paid to every detail all neatly packaged and just waiting for you. No more last minute scrambles. :) Plus, if you'll let me know your favorite colors, images and even the occasions you'd like in the mix, I can make a custom reserved listing just for you. ♥ You will not be disappointed. Neither will your friends. Yeah, you'll get to be the cool friend who always sends the pretty cards. lol



Anonymous said...

Pretty new blog header! Love it. Will add your Etsy shop to my faves!

The National Benefit Authority said...

wow! such cool stuff gonna head over to your etsy rite now!

PetCareRx said...

great projects. theyre awesome!!. i need to try a word book sometime. they all look so fun.i just got on etsy myself and I'm looking forward to sell jewelry and paper crafts like cards lol!