Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Book of Me Challenge

My friends over at All Moments Remembered have started a great challenge I'm very excited to participate in. It's an album called the Book of Me. Basically, it's a gift created for your children, husband or family that tells them all about you, and what you'd like them to know and keep forever. I have wanted to do this for my children, and I plan on doing one about my husband for them, too. How many times have you wondered something about one of your parents, or grandparents and wished it was recorded somewhere? I'm going to list various ideas for topics that might be scrapped in an upcoming blog post...so stay tuned. If you have ideas, please leave me a comment, too! Hope you like my layout....My oldest son loved it! Oh, if you want to see details close up, just click on the photo and it will zoom for you.