Saturday, June 13, 2009

And now for something completely different!

6 x Six x 6
I was nominated by Susie Jefferson of the UK and The First Floor Flat to do a fun little challenge for my blog.

This is what it's all about:

Go to the 6th folder of your pictures
Find the 6th picture and tell a story about it
List 6 other bloggers you’d like to see participate (NO obligation)

Here is the sixth photo from my sixth folder. Of course, it was my little boy, Tucker! No surprise there. This was such a special night for all of us, but a real dream come true for him. The Riders in the Sky came and did a wonderful concert and we were able to meet and visit with them for quite awhile after the show. They were nice enough to autograph Tucker's 'Woody' doll's cowboy hat. Woody Paul, the fiddler of the group, is the real cowboy that the Woody doll is created after. Tucker was so happy that night he couldn't sleep for hours. He was in 'cowboy' mode for weeks!

Here are the six blogs I nominate to do the next obligation, but it was really fun! I nominated you (in no particular order) because I think you and your blogs are awesome!

Erika....of Scrapbook Obsession (

Noel Joy....of paper passion & pixel mania (

Jingle...of Just Jingle (

Abby...of Scrapbook Frenzy (

Jenny...of Loving this crazy life (

Liz...the possibilities are endless (

Thank you for participating if you are able. Can't wait to see what you have!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Want some candy?

Here's a great blog that's giving away some amazing candy. All you have to do is click the link below and go leave a comment, and add her link to your blog. Fun, huh? I've never seen these Laura Ashley items and am drooling to get them. She is located in the UK!

Thanks Martine!