Monday, February 21, 2011

I love the vintage look, I admit it

Yes, yes I do. It seems no matter what I make that old obsession just has a way of sneaking back in. Here's the latest card I made. Seems lately I also have a thing for birds. ♥ The wonderful little surprise about this card is the background paper. It is gloriously sparkly when the light hits it just right. And the paper is embossed with a shadow of beautiful little hummingbirds hovering around. Love it. The scalloped border is studded with the prettiest little sage green rhinestones. Very feminine. Beautiful satin double sided ribbon and lightly inked edges complete the look. A card like this is just perfect to send to someone special, just to let them know you're thinking of them.
p.s. I finally found the perfect vintage frog to hold my little creations with. And that color green, complete with a little still my heart. ;) Hugs!


Sunday, February 20, 2011

I did a little Soul Restoring

Ever heard of Melody Ross? ;) Yeah, that Melody Ross. Well, she's set out on this crazy mission to find all the Brave Girls on the planet. ♥ Yeah, she's a wonderful, amazing, contagious kind of crazy like that. You'll see the Brave Girls link on my sidebar, plus the button for her six week Soul Restoration class. I can't say enough sweetness about it. Really. It's so touching that I won't do it justice here in a blog post. Please check it out. We did art journaling as well as a myriad of other incredible projects. The one below happens to be my heart's favorite. It's the Soul House album. Some of the pages won't make sense unless you're a Brave Girl who's taken the class, cause yeah we kind of have a secret language amongst us. lol. But I love this album. It's 8 inches across, so it's got some great heft to it! I'll treasure this for years. Each of our albums is incredibly personal. Mine means special things to me. Yours will to you, too. Promise. Thank you for stopping by to visit. Please come back often and pull up a chair, a pretty one, and stay awhile. ♥ (You can click on any image to enlarge)

I added in grungeboard pages and elements, cardboard pages and pages cut from cereal boxes and acrylic packaging. So many different art techniques were used, also. In some of these photos you're actually looking thru one page onto another. I love that and think it makes a mini so interesting. Of course, a ton of Mod Podge, aka Soul Glue, was used, too. ;) I love this little album. Thanks so much for taking time to look. ♥ I hope you all have a wonderful day, so go and be...