Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Everyday moments...

...that make my heart sing. ♥ I love this smile. These cheeks. :) Those eyes! I love that Wyatt has now wiggled his little way into his daddy's and my coffee time, right down to his own special little cup. I love that Tucker loves to read, without being prompted to. Yes, that's his Bible he's reading. Priceless. I love that these little boys love each other so much. They're laying here watching a movie and yes, they're holding hands. This happens a lot. No matter what life throws at us, when we have this we are truly rich. I'm still plugging away at P365, too far behind on journaling to post without blushing visably, lol, but taking lots of photos. It's the everyday moments that I love looking back on the most. These are what make up a life.

Thanks for looking! Hope you have many magical moments in your life today. ♥ Hugs,