Tuesday, June 8, 2010

How does your English work?

Do you say a word wrong? You know, do you know you do and you do it anyway?

Or...does a family member? Come on, you can throw them under the bus here and we won't tell, promise. ;)

My brother says simular. Yeah, you know, instead of similar. Drives me batty. I can't tell him, though. I love him too much.
My dad says wrench, like "did you wrench those dishes in the sink yet?" Makes me smile.
My little Tucker says held. "Would you held my hand?" Nobody better tell him it's wrong, either! I want to hang on to every bit of baby in him that I can.
Wyatt phrases things wrong in the most adorable three year old way imaginable. "We went to the car fixerman and he's going to fix our truck....because." Yep, that's the end of the sentence. ♥

so....what about you? got some good ones?

And now...for your viewing pleasure....the child that makes me laugh til my sides hurt.