Monday, May 16, 2011

Yee Haw!

I know, I know, been a long time coming, right? :) I can't believe how busy life can keep you, but well, yeah it does sometimes. My two little buckaroos keep me pretty busy, and pretty entertained as well. Ron and I were able to take them to see their buds, The Riders in the Sky a week or so ago. In case you're not familiar with them (where have you been hiding!) they are a cowboy group that keeps the love alive for classic western and cowboy tunes. Think Cool Water. Think Roy Rogers. Think Dale Evans. lol, well, not really. ;) One thing you can also think is Woody from Toy Story. Ah there, now I've got your attention.

They play a ton of Toy Story music, and yep, that's them singing, too. Yes, we really WERE that close to them! Well a big night was had by my two little cowboys. Too Slim, in who's honor I made these little wooley chaps, gave a shout out to my little boys and had them stand up, right there on the front row, so everyone could see them, right smack dab in the middle of the concert! I kinda had to choke back tears. (sap) I mean, look at them, they are so darn cute.

I love this funny little photo of Wyatt. He's bending over to pick a little flower for me. ♥ Awww.

After the concert the Riders all came out and visited for a long time, and were so kind to talk with Tucker and Wyatt, sign their Woody and Jessie hats for them and then take photos with the boys. Isn't that sweet?

Some scrapbooking/card making coming up soon...promise!

Hugs and Kisses,



Unknown said...

I haven't had anything to post really either! We moved in April, we're still trying to get settled in. My kids started at a new school today, with only 5 weeks left to the year! It was a little nerve racking for them! Especially my 4th grader. She suddenly became shy this morning! I have a scrapbook room now I'm hoping to get lots of projects done! And to celebrate I will be doing a blog candy giveaway soon! Life does get busy sometimes! No biggie!

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