Monday, May 10, 2010

Texas Bound

A sad day in our home last Sunday. One of my very favorite uncles in my whole life passed away very unexpectedly, shaking our family very much. I quickly put together a trip to Texas for my mom, my little boy and myself, leaving Ron with our three year old for almost a week. The silver lining in our trip was being back home and taking Tucker back for the first time. It was wonderful to be with family again, and to show him the sights and flavor of being Texan. It will always be home. This was Tucker's first plane ride, a huge event by any standards. He was so excited that all of those within earshot of him enjoyed listening to him as he looked out of the window. He thought he saw Antarctica and then Egypt. :) Then the pilots invited him up into the cockpit to actually hold the controls and push the fire alarm button. I'm sure memories were made for him that will last a lifetime. Another bittersweet moment for me was crossing the causeway into Galveston for the first time in 15 years, and definitely the first time since Hurricane Ike ravaged that beautiful, historical island. Lots of tears shed there, but also lots of happy memories revisted. I took Tucker to my childhood home and took his picture on the front steps, just like my mom had done to me. He put his hand in my handprint I made with my daddy in our driveway. More tears. He played on the beach and found his first scallop shells. He saw the elementary school I went to and the hospital where I was born. He saw the place where his father and I were married and Aston Villa where we had our wedding reception. I took him to see the first home we had as newlyweds. So many memories, so much emotion. I'm thankful I had to opportunity to show him the place that will always be "home" in my heart. ♥

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Jaime said...

I'm so happy all of you got to go! Reading your blog got me all choked up. And made me laugh. :) I had totally forgotten about the handprints in the cement until I saw the picture, but new immediately what it was. I miss that old house so much! Yes, so many wonderful memories of Galveston period. Pretty much all of which include you all. I can imagine how hard it was to see the destruction, but I'm so glad you got to go & that Tucker got to see where his mama grew up. I hope so much I can go back one day. Love you!!!