Monday, March 8, 2010


Infant Swimming Resource - a new venture for our family starting this week. This is a life saving swim course designed for infants and young children. I first heard (or saw) this course when my Uncle Bit sent me a video link in an email a few years ago. I watched the video, the same one I'm providing a link to for you, and sat at my computer desk and cried I was so moved by it. Last year there was a young boy, 4, who nearly drowned in the pool I take my boys to. His mom is a good mom, but like all moms and dads is just human and got distracted for just a moment by another one of her children. When she turned back around....she couldn't see Sebastian. She started calling his name, then screaming it. Other parents stood up to see if they could help. Finally...after what seemed like forever...someone saw him. He was at the bottom of the pool. So that you can breathe I will tell you that Sebastian survived. He did not have an easy road, though. He was lifeflighted to Portland and put into a drug induced coma for several weeks. His mom, having three other children, had to leave them and live in Portland and stayed with him constantly. It was nothing short of a miracle that he recovered. The doctors really didn't know if he would. To add to my panic about this...two other children I know drowned when I was living in Texas. It happens. It only takes a moment. So...we've made the huge commitment of time to get our little ones to lessons daily until they learn something I hope they'll never need. I'll keep you posted as we progress and hope to post photos for you. I wrote to ISR for three years begging them to come to our area. I am so thrilled that they did and that we know can have our babies learn this amazing skill. I'd love to hear your comments if you've done this course. If you want more info. please check out their website or I can send you a link to our instructor.

Hugs, Angie ♥♥♥

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Cindy said...

This is great information and every parent should take the time to learn it. It truly only takes a moments distraction. I was a lifeguard for years and even now still watch everyone's kids when I'm at a pool or beach.
Thanks for sharing this link and the information.