Saturday, June 13, 2009

And now for something completely different!

6 x Six x 6
I was nominated by Susie Jefferson of the UK and The First Floor Flat to do a fun little challenge for my blog.

This is what it's all about:

Go to the 6th folder of your pictures
Find the 6th picture and tell a story about it
List 6 other bloggers you’d like to see participate (NO obligation)

Here is the sixth photo from my sixth folder. Of course, it was my little boy, Tucker! No surprise there. This was such a special night for all of us, but a real dream come true for him. The Riders in the Sky came and did a wonderful concert and we were able to meet and visit with them for quite awhile after the show. They were nice enough to autograph Tucker's 'Woody' doll's cowboy hat. Woody Paul, the fiddler of the group, is the real cowboy that the Woody doll is created after. Tucker was so happy that night he couldn't sleep for hours. He was in 'cowboy' mode for weeks!

Here are the six blogs I nominate to do the next obligation, but it was really fun! I nominated you (in no particular order) because I think you and your blogs are awesome!

Erika....of Scrapbook Obsession (

Noel Joy....of paper passion & pixel mania (

Jingle...of Just Jingle (

Abby...of Scrapbook Frenzy (

Jenny...of Loving this crazy life (

Liz...the possibilities are endless (

Thank you for participating if you are able. Can't wait to see what you have!


Susie Jefferson said...

How brilliant is that! I never knew Woody was based on a real person, or that they were making the actual doll (I haven't seen it in the UK). I just love those films.

Thanks so much for playing the 6 x 6 x 6 game - I'm off to look at everyone you nominated (I only know one of them, so the other 5 will be a lovely surprise).

And thanks for the comments on the album. It's a deal! I'll be asking advice about Etsy probably (yet another learning curve, sigh).

Don't you just love it all really, though! Since I started blogging, life is just so much more FUN!

Susie Jefferson said...

HI Angie - me again...

It's just a basic Jap stab-bound album, where I wrapped the spine as well. The holes go from front cover right through to the back (and through the wrap) and I just laced through and tied in a bow.

If I'm honest, I can't see the ribbon being anything special. Grosgrain is grosgrain, and satin is satin whatever the country. I do come across bits of old braid from time to time but nothing special. And the silk ribbon I would think you'd get in the USA - my last lot was Anna Griffin, lol (another Texas lady)

Have you tried Nancy for ribbon: Ribbons and similar are her business, and she adores vintage. Her prices look to be very good (although, being in the UK, it's hard for me to judge). Say I sent you, I'm sure she's hiding some really nice stuff for friends of friends...

Tina Connolly said...

Hi Angie, I'm located near Brisbane in sunny Queensland on the east coast. You are doing fantastic work for someone who's new to scrapbooking.

glograbear said...

I'm a maverick Texan who makes 1 kind of cards.I was born in Corpus Christi. Now I'm bakin in the desert in El Paso. My blog is on I have a Flickr tab that has some of my cards on it.
I like UR music & UR colorful pages. I'll be back later to look more. Be glad to have U as a follower papercrafter buddy.

Angie... by the said...

Welcome and thanks so much for stopping by!

Jenny said...

Oh, thank you for listing my blog...too bad I've been really lazy this summer and haven't updated since June!!!! I'm gonna be better about it when school starts back!