Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New lo of our 'box sitter'

I was able to capture some of the funny positions Wyatt has gotten himself into lately. This is such a fun age. He's trying to figure out his size in relation to things around him and always seeing what he fits into. I love this crazy, funky layout cause it's a thing I'll always remember about him being a baby. I never know what he'll be sitting in next!


All moments remembered said...

LOL!!! We were just invited to a one yr old's b-day party. The invite said boxes only as gifts! When I talked to my friend she said that's all he plays with. LOL
Beautiful layouts!!

okanogangirl said...

Love that box sitter one! I might have to lift it- on her second Christmas, all DD wanted to do was sit on a box of silverware we got. I have hundreds of pics of it!

Love your work! Will add you to my favorites!

BTW - I'm along the Cascade Mountains too - in Eastern WA.

Susan (peebsmama) said...

What cute photos. And a terrific layout to show them off. Great colors and papers.

Mandy Schneider 97 said...

You have great layouts! great colors and originality!!TFS!!