Monday, February 28, 2011

Brave Girls and a little Soul Restoring

Feeling a little bumped around from some less than pleasant life experiences? Love art, scrapbooking, paints and paper? The amazing Melody Ross, who's life and how she's handled it is an inspiration in itself, has once again created something beautiful out of thin air. I've been a fan of Melody's for quite awhile and am absolutely in love with her Artsy Urban collection over at GCD Studios. By a series of unexpected circumtances that shall forever remain a secret ;) and some people with some incredibly large hearts, I came to the place to be able to take Melody's Soul Restoration class online. Her Brave Girl Camps sell out months in advance, and being that I can't travel to Idaho and hike up into the hills with two broken ankles and a broken leg right now, lol, I was pretty excited to see that she offered this art therapy course online. We all have our own troubles in life, travel our own paths and have different things thrown at us. Last year was a real doosey for me, as some of you know. Ron was laid off for 8 months, my dad was diagnosed with a serious, incurable health problem, then throw in a major accident and health problems for me and a glitch where Ron works that left us without health insurance, etc. etc. You get the picture. And believe me when I saw I've only scratched the surface here. We were reeling, and still are. I was looking for a place to put some of this stuff and needed some kind of immediate tools to use in daily life in trying to deal with all of it. Honestly, I needed to be able to sleep again. Soul Restoration has helped. I think it teaches you some skills to navigate your way thru things that you'd rather not have to navigate thru. We'll all have those things to work thru. We all need these skills. We all need to be able to find that little girl again, the one that was so full of joy and hope and had the whole world in front of her. Remember her? ♥ Art journaling is incredibly powerful. Melody uses it beautifully. Here's my journal that I'm still working on, and will continue to for months and years to come. It started out as a plain black artist's sketch book. I love how crinkly and thick the and deliciously texturized all the pages are becoming with all the amazing art techniques we've learned. There's so much more to it all than what we can possible get at in a blog post. Promise.

Here is a photo of one of my mini albums I made during the course. There are detailed photos a couple of posts down on my blog if you'd like to see what's inside. I love this album, so much.

There are many more projects, too. But honestly, it's not really about the art. That seems funny to say, because it kind of is. You'll see what I mean when you take this journey.'ll meet some amazing friends along the way, too. And come away with a new way to do art, and probably a few projects that will turn out to be lifelong favorites of all the things you've ever created. The first online course called Soul Restoration One (6 weeks) starts again April 5, 2011 and is $99. After that you'll be all ready to sign up for Soul Restoration Two (also 6 weeks). This is for graduates of Soul Restoration One only, starting June 7, 2011 also $99.

If you're participating in the blog hop, which I hope you are! arrived here from Kai over at Enjoy the Ride and the next blog in your Soul Restoration Blog Hop journey is Lacey over at Winter Window. If you're hopping on midstream, here's a complete list of the Brave Girls participating in this amazing little blog hop.

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I'm going to give a prize in a drawing for those of you who will sign up to follow this blog and also leave me a comment. ♥ I'll hold the drawing on Monday and notify you by your contact info from following. I'm going to send one of you blog hop participants and/or visitors this beautiful vintage inspired journal, so you can start journaling right along with us! You can alter it inside and out with fun art techniques if you like! (Drawing for US residents only.)

We'd all love for you to stop by, leave us some love. You know the routine of paying it forward when visiting blogs, right girlfriend? ♥ This little hop is just one way we can show Melody how much she means to each and every one of us. Don't you want to come on and be a Brave Girl, too? ;)



Sandra said...

Hi Brave sister Angie!!!

Starting my hop early haha
your blog is beautiful
You are beautiful!

Nancy Wolf said...

Love you... love your art... love your blog. Thanks for all the work you put in on it.

Heather said...

LUV you BGirlfriend...LUV you!
I like it here...huge 40's fan so your music...I could just curl up in a corner and stay here...for many days!

Unknown said...

your work is so beautiful!

Peggy K said...

Oh, Angie...beautiful stuff I'm seeing as I hop around this morning!! I'm a follower now. Can't wait to take some time and really take in some of your previous posts!!

Kathy said...

Angie, your work is absolutely beautiful! I love the vintage images. What a blessing to find respite from your troubles in the art and soul of the SR class. ~Kathy P.S. Glad to become a follower!

Unknown said...

Hi Angie, Beautiful blog and artwork! The banner and background to your blog is so pretty. Happy to be able to stop by and see so much of your soul restoration work, stunning! Blessings, Julie

Whispers and Wishes said...

your work is so beautiful angie...
I'm not a "vintage" creator (usually) and I love to be isnpired by your art. So glad to have met you here at SR

fairyrocks said...

Angie, so nice to meet you, I am about to embark on the 'Soul Restoration Journey'
Love your creativity
Keep smiling and creating

scrapwordsmom said...

Angie...I am sooo sorry for all that you are going through now. Sounds like so much.

Several things...I ADORE your blog...that header is crazy good!!! The colors and the BIRD:) Just sitting there to greet us and remind us of our TRUTHS!!

LOVE your artwork, especially the sweet, little wings on the cover of your journal.

Blessings and love to you today!!


Juel said...

I am so glad I can count you as one of my sisters! Blessings and healing to you my friend!!

sandi rusch said...

Angie... I'm so happy we've 'met'... you are an inspiration in many ways, your words, your art, your stamina and bravery...


Trixie said...

Hopped on By~ Great Work!

Already follow you. You are such an amazing artist!

Lynda Gail said...

Wonderful blog, beautiful work! Already a follower...

Donna said...

You're doing a great job here on your blog. Love your work. It's been great taking the class with you!

Lynn said...

You are my first stop on the blog hop and if they are half as good as yours I may never leave my seat! I am taking the SR class in April. Can't wait! I hope you get well soon.Good Lord you have been thrown some shit! I hear you on the needing to sleep again. Golly what our minds do to us in the dark huh? I send out healing, loving, brave thoughts to you my friend. Peace and Health and Hugs.
A new sister in a Brave new world,
Lynn Dirk

Gena said...

Angie, love your blog including the music. Here's to overcoming tough times.

Anonymous said...

I'm loving this blog hop you ladies have put together. Such a wonderful workshop I'll have to start saving my pennies.

Lisa said...

What lovely art! Healing thoughts for you.

Unknown said...

HI Angie - LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!!
Hope you get a chance to stop by and visit my blog at!

I'm now a follower!

Hopping on!

Dawn @ Creative Journey said...

Angie, thank you for sharing what brought you to Brave Girls and the Soul Restoration Workshop. Your artwork is gorgeous! <3

Flyover Pilgrim said...

Angie, your blog is so totally YOU.

Oh, by the way: GO GO GO! ;-)
BG Hug to you today.


CraftyRia said...

What a great blog hop! Thanks for telling me about it. I love all the birds on your cards.

"My Crafting Room" said...

Wonderful projects.

Anonymous said...

Angie! I have to posted something about 3 wks ago and I visited your blog and fell in LOVE with your header (which I lifted and use as my desktop photo at work!) such a happy bird. Love your blog.. you don't need that chair to coax people to sit and stay a while because your words and music make me so comfortable I don't want to leave!! If you get a chance you're welcome to visit mine (it pales in comparison to yours...but gotta start somewhere!)

Mel said...

Beautiful, beautiful blog from such a BEAUTIFUL soul sister!!! Happy!!!!!

Chark said...

Cool projects!

Stephanie said...

thank you bunches for including me at the last minute! it's been such a wonderful experience getting to know bits and pieces of you...and now that i've seen your blog i'm finding we have a lot more in common!
can't wait to lurk around the posts a bit and visit the shop.
beeautiful work chica!

Dawn Hueser said...


Thank you for sharing your story and I hope and pray that you are up and dancing through life in no time at all. I was inspired by your happy little bird and you will probably see him on some of my future creations.

Thank you for sharing your wonderful blog.

Andrea said...

Wow, everything looks great! I am amazaed at your work.

Unknown said...

Angie... your journal and truth book look amazing. But that's because YOU are amazing! I know how life tosses curve balls, but the great part about those curve balls is 'dealing' with them, and then the home runs come! ew, sorry for all the baseball analogies. :)


RanaLea said...

Love the music on your blog! Very cool! And thanks for sharing about your soul restoration journey!

Lynn said...

I hope that things just keep getting better for you and your family.

Amanda Trought said...

I love visiting your blog, it was great to see your soul restoration books they are lovely. It has definitely been an amazing journey, I hope to sign up for SR2.....Blessings and hugs from the UK

tammikins said...

Thank you for sharing! I can't wait to begin my soul restoration next week!