Monday, December 30, 2013

Hello out there in BloggerLand!!! Omg, it's been far too long since I've been able to come and post on my dear little blog. I've blown off the dust from it and have decided to revive it, and am hoping some of you will forgive me for being do delinquent. Life has thrown us some huge challenges the past two years and I just couldn't keep up, but I've pulled myself up by the bootstraps and started a new venture. :) I'm so excited to share with you my new passion! I've had this dream for years to have a little boutique and life has just never been arranged so that I can sit in a store all day, lol. However, besides my Etsy shoppe I've taken the plunge and signed up for several shows across the state of Oregon next year. I'm SO excited I often can't sleep for thinking up ideas for my little traveling mercantile! Nest Feathers Paperie will feature loads of vintage treasures, mainly cottage and farm based, with a sprinkling of paper arts and supplies thrown in, as well. Those coveted ephemera packets we all love with always be on hand, featuring treasured children's books, game pieces and score cards, sewing supplies and just about everything else you can possibly think of to add to your art work! Pretty packages and deliciously beautiful things will be available in all price ranges as a special treat for yourself or that someone special you love. <3 Some beautifully refinished vintage furniture will always be on hand as I'm continuously scouting around for the perfect project to work on. I love whites, all shades, so most things will have that wonderfully soft look to them. I love Annie Sloan Paints and the whole vibe of that, so be sure to keep an eye out for the perfect piece for your nest. Please message me with request of what you've been searching for! Show dates will be posted in the next blog update. I have about 12 scheduled so far starting this next spring. The first is in Canby, OR, and then several will be in the Central Oregon area, as well. My Etsy store will be up and running with things available online for those that can't attend shows in person. I look forward to meeting so many of you this coming year! Thank you for hanging in there with me. Hugs and Kisses!!! Please visit Nest Feathers Paperie on Facebook for continuously updated photos of what is new for the store! Photobucket

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hello to my fellow blog lovers!!! Thank you so much for continuing to visit even though I haven't rewarded you with much inspiration in awhile. Some of this is for very good reasons: I've been scrapbooking and creating more! I've finally found some balance in my life where I've been able to carve out some time on a more regular basis to find (make) time to do this for myself and my family. I'm a much happier person when this part of my soul is fed. ♥ I'm betting you're the same way. ;) In a future blog post I'll tell you my new found secrets, and maybe they'll help you, too.
My latest venture in my quest to find time and to get a handle on over 70,000 (!) photos on two computers is to dive into Stacy Julian's biggest project yet over at Big Picture Classes. Here's a great blog post she did explaining what this year long venture is about.
There's a wealth of information here and lots of inspiration to join up, too. I am excited about making a potential of 164 layouts in the coming year just in this class alone! And shopping my stash. ;) And having some 'me time' to rejuvenate. I hope you'll look it over. If you decide to join me please leave me a comment and we can find each other over on the BPC forum. Happy Scrapping! :)

Photo credit: Stacy's blog. Custom Journals by Paper Coterie ♥


Thursday, June 2, 2011

So, you want to make a smash book....

I love the new books and love the idea of them, so once I found a need for one I decided to make my own. I used only things in my stash, primarily some vintage Crate Paper called Baby Bee that I'd been hoarding ;) and some Chloe's Closet by Making Memories. I tucked in some smaller super fun papers by Glitz Design and some Kraft envelopes by Maya Road. I also threw in some Cosmo Cricket The Boyfriend and Earth Love for good measure. I love mixing brands and product lines that just seem like they were meant for each other. :) Chris (chrispea) did some great paper designs and is generously sharing them with us on her YouTube video on how to make your own smash book. I added in several pockets, envelopes of various sizes as well as some border strips left open in the center so I could attach paper clips to them to add things to them later on. I made six tabbed sections for my particular use for this book, but you can certainly customize it to your needs. Hope you enjoy looking at this as much as I did making it! Thanks for stopping by!


Monday, May 16, 2011

Yee Haw!

I know, I know, been a long time coming, right? :) I can't believe how busy life can keep you, but well, yeah it does sometimes. My two little buckaroos keep me pretty busy, and pretty entertained as well. Ron and I were able to take them to see their buds, The Riders in the Sky a week or so ago. In case you're not familiar with them (where have you been hiding!) they are a cowboy group that keeps the love alive for classic western and cowboy tunes. Think Cool Water. Think Roy Rogers. Think Dale Evans. lol, well, not really. ;) One thing you can also think is Woody from Toy Story. Ah there, now I've got your attention.

They play a ton of Toy Story music, and yep, that's them singing, too. Yes, we really WERE that close to them! Well a big night was had by my two little cowboys. Too Slim, in who's honor I made these little wooley chaps, gave a shout out to my little boys and had them stand up, right there on the front row, so everyone could see them, right smack dab in the middle of the concert! I kinda had to choke back tears. (sap) I mean, look at them, they are so darn cute.

I love this funny little photo of Wyatt. He's bending over to pick a little flower for me. ♥ Awww.

After the concert the Riders all came out and visited for a long time, and were so kind to talk with Tucker and Wyatt, sign their Woody and Jessie hats for them and then take photos with the boys. Isn't that sweet?

Some scrapbooking/card making coming up soon...promise!

Hugs and Kisses,


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Everyday moments...

...that make my heart sing. ♥ I love this smile. These cheeks. :) Those eyes! I love that Wyatt has now wiggled his little way into his daddy's and my coffee time, right down to his own special little cup. I love that Tucker loves to read, without being prompted to. Yes, that's his Bible he's reading. Priceless. I love that these little boys love each other so much. They're laying here watching a movie and yes, they're holding hands. This happens a lot. No matter what life throws at us, when we have this we are truly rich. I'm still plugging away at P365, too far behind on journaling to post without blushing visably, lol, but taking lots of photos. It's the everyday moments that I love looking back on the most. These are what make up a life.

Thanks for looking! Hope you have many magical moments in your life today. ♥ Hugs,


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Made a card for a very dear friend the other day and wanted to share. I love these sweet images and also how easy it is to add some dimension to them with a couple of little secrets. ;) Lightly inked edges add just a pop of depth, too, This is the first card I've used some wrinkled vintage seam binding on and I really like the look of it, like it's something straight out of grandma's attic. If you're grandma was like mine, she didn't like anything old. Bummer, right? Thankfully..there's Etsy! Instant heirlooms. lol Thanks for stopping by. Hugs,


Thursday, March 10, 2011

New items up in the Etsy Shoppe!

I've put up some new items in Nest Feathers Paperie. If you're like me, in times past when I needed a card for a special occasion, I am usually scrambling at the last minute and running out to the store, standing there looking forever for just the perfect one I think my friend or loved one will adore. Well, I've come up with a solution for that. Card sets. Handmade cards with attention paid to every detail all neatly packaged and just waiting for you. No more last minute scrambles. :) Plus, if you'll let me know your favorite colors, images and even the occasions you'd like in the mix, I can make a custom reserved listing just for you. ♥ You will not be disappointed. Neither will your friends. Yeah, you'll get to be the cool friend who always sends the pretty cards. lol